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I'm Lea

Hi loves! I'm Lea Fuentes, a certified clinical hypnotherapist + Manifestation coach specialized in Hypnosis, EFT tapping and Timeline release. 

From Southern California to Southern Utah, I've retired from nursing and now serve to integrate my knowledge of body, mind and spirit into the personal growth of others. Helping women magnetize their juiciest desires, face their greatest fears, cultivate confidence & step into their divine power!

Certified Hypnotherapist, Manifestation + Mindset Coach. Retired Registered Nurse.

  • Graduated from the No.1 nursing school in California, No. 2 in the nation by RNCareers.

  • Rated top 10 manifestation coaches to watch for in 2021 by YahooFinance!

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Become a trust fund baby of the universe with my Signature C3 Methodology.

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I am so glad that I took this opportunity to put actions behind my words and to grow with a wonderful group of women! This program gave me the confidence I was lacking in a tough career. It also gave me the power to feel my intuition and to trust it, so that I can create whatever it is I want in my life! This program is empowering and it puts you in the drivers seat, which is how it should be. Right away, I felt the positive changes from this program, and I am so grateful for Lea and for the time/energy/light she brings to each session and to this course as a whole.


Carli Reinhard, CA

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