Are you ready to be confident AF once and for all? Are you ready to show your limiting beliefs the door? Lead a life reflective of your TRUE desires guided by joy, gratitude, and intuition NOW.

This can't wait, you deserve this babe.

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Are you someone who wants to know & understand

what it’s like to genuinely love yourself?

Are you sick of limiting beliefs that stop you from taking opportunities that could transform your life?

Is fear standing in your way?

Do you lie to yourself and pretend its all okay...

Are you ready to be a BOSS b**** who is clear on her worth and doesn't need validation?

Do you freeze when its time to take action?

Are you sick of living a life thats not filled with joy.

Are you ready to get clear on exactly what you need to live life on your terms

 ie: happy, healthy, aligned, bossed up.

THE MILLENNIAL MANIFESTATION & ALIGNMENT ACADEMY is a rinse & repeat 5 pillar methodology

providing you with specific strategies and methods that will:

a) Help you get crystal clear on your strengths, values, boundaries and desires so you can...

b) Live a life designed for you, aligned with your energy & bring

radiant joy into your life. 

When you know your worth, anything is possible.


What your life could look like:

  • Can you imagine FIERCELY loving yourself.

  • Being your #1 cheerleader & biggest fan.

  • Being confident AF. 

  • No longer needing outside validation, because you know you can trust your own.

  • An arsenal of tools to deconstruct limiting beliefs so they no longer stop you from receiving &/or taking opportunities MEANT for you.

  • Being crystal clear on your values & desires.

  • Being able to easily and effortlessly tap into your intuition, and trust your inner knowing.

  • Can you imagine being so aligned that your life is BY design. Happening for you, intentional, joyful and divine.


7- Core lessons

3- reflection week

1- 1:1 coaching session (or)

4- if you pay in full

(see below)

  • A copy of The Growth spurt workbook-97pg's

  • Lifetime access to Course

  • Live recordings of each lesson

  • private female collective fB

Pay in full and receive:

(3) Bonus coaching sessions



The Millennial Manifestation & Alignment Academy utilizes three core energetic sources: self love, clarity of values & intuition to tap into the truest version of you.

And if you unlock  the bonus option: the powerful tool of hypnosis.

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Recognize your unique gifts, values & desires.

  • Break through resistances and limiting beliefs.

  • Have a toolbox of systems/exercises to rely on.

  • Be the confident version of you that you've always deserved. 

  • Be your #1 supporter.

  • Design a life MEANT for you.

  • Tap into your intuition without clouding from outside energy. 

  • Surrender and Manifest your ideal relationship, financial goal, business and lifestyle.

In this training we will cover:

Conquering Self Love-

   Your most divine energetic source.

Facing Limiting Beliefs-

   Our biggest obstacle in all things, limiting beliefs rob us of what is ours.. 

Reconditioning & Alignment- 

   Surrender pre-conceived ideologies, learn to source your intuition. 

The Discovery Process-

   The universe can only respond to the Values and Desires you are clear about.

The Laws of Manifestation-

   Learn how and why manifestation works, the science, etc. 

Manifestation Fundamental Focus Points-

What are the key principles in manifesting, the proccess. 

2.0 Version of Self-

   Here we put into practice all the elements of the things we've learned, recap, reflect on the tools we are now equipped with, reflection. 


$4,000 value for only:


or 3 payments of $833.33




I'm Lea Fuentes, the creator of the Millennial Manifestation & Alignment Academy. I am a personal self growth junkie who recently left her corporate job to launch the secret to a successful aligned life & manifestation of desires. 


I've read hundreds of books on self love, boundaries, spirituality, personal growth, relationships, somatic illness & manifestation. I've spent years finding the answers to living a life that's authentic and unfolds by the universe as opposed to result of forced creation. I've experienced traditional and non traditional therapy modalities.


I am a certified hypnotherapist and bring tools to help you connect to your unconscious mind and find congruency with your conscious mind. Additionally, I am a registered nurse. I understand physiology and integrate a whole health approach meaning that to find sustainable results we must look at the whole person mental, physical and spiritual. 

I believe in soul mate love, have an entrepreneurial spirit and believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Whether your goal is love, financial abundance, business achievement or just a more joyful version of you, i've got your back. 


1. You want to know and understand what it's like to genuinely love yourself & how this energy can be used to attract anything you desire. 

2. You are ready to re-define your values & desires, so your life is 100% aligned.

3. You don't procrastinate and are ready to take action.

4.You are ready for more ease in your life & want that higher vibration and glow that comes from being a confident boss b****.

5. You are someone who could benefit from a rinse & repeat system that you can lean on & access whenever you are faced with: limiting beliefs, big decisions, needing clarity, creating boundaries, deciding whats best for you.

6. You are ready to accept that boundaries are necessary and a way of protecting ourselves. 

7. You are ready to step into your baddassery and own it.

8. You thrive with structure & would like to experiences higher vibration within a community.

9. You are ready to take a clear path of action, so you no longer have to stress about figuring it out on your own.

10. You feel prepared to invest in yourself, because you know your worth it!


What types of business advisory does Ryan Nori offer?

Tactical board advisory during complex corporate transactions involving growth strategies, M&A, VC, PE, IPO, stakeholder disputes, etc.

How much does Ryan Nori's services cost?

Ryan Nori's typical hourly rate is $1,875.00 per hour. In certain scenarios a percentage of equity participation (or a hybrid of hourly/equity) may be more appropriate depending on timelines, complexities, location, etc.

Can Ryan Nori assist me if my company is in a different country?

Ryan Nori assists with matters in all 50 States and internationally in Canada, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Where is Ryan Nori located?

Ryan Nori is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California with regional offices in San Francisco, New York City and Houston, Texas.

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