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I'm Lea Fuentes, the creator of the 70 Days to Confidence Clarity + Magnetism. I am a personal self growth junkie who left her corporate RN job to launch the secret to a successful aligned life & manifestation of desires. 
I've read hundreds of books on self love, boundaries, spirituality, personal growth, relationships, somatic illness & manifestation. I've spent years finding the answers to living a life that's authentic and unfolds by the universe as opposed to result of forced creation. I've experienced traditional and non traditional therapy modalities.
I am a certified hypnotherapist and bring tools to help you connect to your unconscious mind and find congruency with your conscious mind. Additionally, I am a registered nurse. I understand physiology and integrate a whole health approach meaning that to find sustainable results we must look at the whole person mental, physical and spiritual. 

I believe in soul mate love, have an entrepreneurial spirit and believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Whether your goal is love, financial abundance, business achievement or just a more joyful version of you, i've got your back. 

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