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Controversial Subjects: Prioritizing Yourself

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I've been talking to so many people lately who are unsatisfied with their situations and mostly in regards to career. It seems that society has pushed us to a point of self abandonment. I say this for two reasons:

  1. We are so preoccupied and busy working, the requirements of jobs are asking for more and more. When you look at the economics it actually makes no sense. There are more people on this earth, there are definitely enough human beings to split the workload amongst. There is definitely enough money in the world to go around. So my first question for you, is why the f*** are the constantly trying to squeeze more and more out of us. Then our free time is spent trying to keep our home life balanced just to be sane during our work week. I'm talking laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning house, finding time to eat, paying bills. Just the fundamentals right? This doesn't even account for friends and family, anything psychosocial that would actually fill you up.

  2. The second reason I say this, is because almost everyone I know has been telling me lately they are out of touch with their intuition. Believe it or not, your intuition is actually a spiritual element that is built into us just like our heart beat, just like our lungs natural inclination to breathe oxygen, just like digestion and our sleep wake cycles. It is something we are BORN with. This has largely to do with the disconnection between our conscious and unconscious mind and comes secondary to the fact that we are raised pre-programmed with so many beliefs about what we are "supposed" to want or "supposed" to do with our life's. I was this way too. In fact my conscious/unconscious mind was so out of touch with each other in regards to certain categories of my life that I literally couldn't have told you what I actually wanted. I was the definition of indecisive. Hypnotherapy was my savior in this regard.

I think it fair to say that we need to be taught to prioritize ourselves in healthy ways from a much younger age. Notice all the self development stuff doesn’t usually get exposed to us until we are much older and settled into our habits/ beliefs? Why is their so much self abandonment in our culture? Why are we taught to be that way when we could just as easily be taught to love ourselves and live for our wildest dreams. Ask yourself what benefit does society have by teaching you otherwise?

Our generation has the opportunity to shift the entire function/systems of the world, but that starts first with you! I want to encourage you to understand that the world doesn't care about your desires, but you can. You don't need to know the path or the answers either. When you make the conscious choice to get in touch with yourself, to prioritize you, to heal your intuition the unconscious already knows what to do with it. Set your intention, and with time the rest will present itself and follow suit. If this is something you are struggling with know that you are not alone. My course the Millennial Manifestation & Alignment Academy was created for this exact reason, I share actionable tools and exercises that expedite this process condensing what took me 5 years to achieve into 12 weeks. If this is something that interests you, you can checkout the link here ** Millennial Manifestation & Alignment Academy **. Investing in yourself can be a scary process but money is nothing more than a form of energetic currency. I fully believe that when you invest in yourself, you make a declaration to the universe that YOU are WORTH IT. But regardless, I will continue to be posting free resourceful information on my page daily because I believe that this information is so valuable. Wherever you are in your journey. I want to support you getting there!



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