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Learning to Hear Your Intuition In 4 Simplified Stages.

Updated: May 2, 2021

Want to get clear on your direction + step into a place of action!? This post is for you…

Are you struggling with taking actionable steps that brings happiness and peace in your life? Are you unsure about which direction you need to go to step into your power?

Do you see others who are following their divine mission or passion… and feel frustrated that you can’t figure out your own?

When you try to make big life choices, do they come from a place of HAVING to decide as opposed to PASSIONATELY choosing and creating.

Here is the biggest keys to finding what’s YOURS:

1. Do the work to heal the traumas or limiting beliefs.

(Create a clean slate.) To really create from an intentional place, we HAVE to make sure that our past is not shaping our judgment or desires.

2. Get CLEAR on your value system, or COMPLETELY re-work your value system.

(This is 100% the most underrated part of growth and directions, and 100% the biggest key.) Are you curious about the process of value work? Stay tuned, I will be diving deeper into this in future blog posts.

3. Get in touch with your intuition and start regularly practicing #intuitivedecisionmaking

(Even if it’s just your gut telling you you’d rather have the fries over the hash-browns DO IT. Feed the voice by following it, (no pun intended lol) and it will grow!) This is also how you build trust with yourself and learn that it is safe to rely on your decision making process. Whether you make the perfect choice, or less then, making a choice PERIOD will still work towards this goal. Making no decision is ALWAYS the worst decision in the long haul.

4. Keep listening! Start MANIFESTING!

Once you CLEAR the past, CLARIFY your values and LEAN into your intuition life will start to unfold SPECIFICALLY designed for you and your DIVINE gifts.


Want more of this in a supported process? Click HERE for 70 Days to Confidence, Clairty + Magnetism my 10-week coaching program. Invest in yourself, let the universe know your serious about finding your direction + watch your life transform.



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