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Living Authentically

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Welcome to My Expressive Collective

I’ve created this space in hopes of living every day a little more raw, real, and authentically me. In a time where the world relies so heavily on photoshopped digital scrapbooks and curated content it’s easy to constantly find yourself acting as a consumer. Consumption has it’s beauty, but it seems like it gets easier to continually consume, and walk away from the creative. Platforms like LiveJournal and myspace no longer stand dominant to encourage speaking your mind just for the sake of expression. I don’t have a specific niche for you to consume, and I can’t say that I am any more qualified then the next human to encourage you to live any certain type of life. I don’t promise I will be grammatically or politically correct. This is my platform to speak to my creative, and maybe, in the process, encourage you to be more present in your creative process.  I promise you every single minute spent fully present in even the mediocracy of your life is better than 90 percent of the time spent stuck in the past, future, or consumption of another’s life.  So here it is, my first blog. Cheers to embedding music, and using simple coding like old times. 



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