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Women Empowerment

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

A few weeks ago I attended my first women's empowerment event. I agreed to attending without putting much thought into it what the event actually embodied. I knew it would include yoga and meditation, I could see myself actively participating in these events. What I did not take into consideration was that this event was SPECIFICALLY about connecting with our feminine power. With the feminine in mind, the women at the event were warm and welcoming, and weirdly it was something that felt foreign to me. Something I have been heavily realizing this past year, is just how out of touch I have been with my own feminine, and yet here I found myself at an event centered around channeling the feminine energy.

We started with a sweet little rooftop yoga session, and proceeded back downstairs for a guided meditation. In this meditation, we were asked to honor the women in our life, our mothers and grandmothers, not just for their positives but also the pain and suffering that may have been passed down with them. We all too often comment on how we need to break our mothers behaviors or patterns so that we do not repeat them within ourselves. However, we overlook that so much of who they are is who they were conditioned to be.

We proceeded by going around the room and taking turns lighting candles for all of the women in our lives who influenced us to be who we are today. In that moment, my mind continued blank, and I realized just how many men had influenced me to be who I am today. I watched the girls around me quick to light candles while i thought silently as to who and how woman had influenced me. Memories of being a teenage girl with no guidance around hair, makeup, sexuality or relationships came to the forefront of my mind. Memories of feeling alienated from my own feminine nature also surfaced.

With grace, but not without struggle i created the connection with the few women in my life who had raised and shaped me and lit some candles. The meditation continued, asking each of us to create space and love for them exactly as they are and know that moving forward as adults we now had the choice to be any kind of woman we wanted to be.

I knew that I had lacked meaningful relationships with women throughout my life but it had never been so apparent to me that everything I absorbed about being feminine had come from what i observed societally and in friendships. Furthermore, much of what i observed about being feminine came from men who sexualize women and did not appreciate the true beauty and grace of the feminine energy.

This event brought forward a deep understanding of how important it would be to nurture the relationships I have with women and the feminine moving forward. Especially in regards to finding balance within myself. When I reflect on the past few years, I see how i've acted on so many male tendencies and energetic frequencies such as doing, analytical thinking, impatience, assertiveness and busyness, when what I needed to be channeling was surrender, intuition, patience, creativity and allowance.

I found this event to be so powerful. It is a rarity that you get to sit in a circle of women unguarded and seek acceptance, trust and advice. In the past it was considered a normalcy for women to sit together and exchange this type of energy. I wish I could have been a part of that time. It is incredibly rare that females gather in a group context and can speak without judgement or opinion. It was truly special and healing and something I wish all women the opportunity to experience.

In a world that is constantly buzzing and vibrating with male energies of rushing and doing I want to encourage you to connect with your own female energy and the special women surrounding you. Most importantly, moving forward remember that YOU get to decide exactly what kind of women you want to be!

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