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The Simple 3 Step Guide to Erasing Limiting Beliefs

Hey guys, as some of you may have seen I recently did a really powerful live interview with @kelllycreator and answered a few questions about self limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.

Here's a little behind the scenes view of the transcript and notes I had jotted down. If you want to see the full episode as well as Kelly's insights you can access it on instagram HERE.

Q1: What are self limiting beliefs and why do they appear?

I’ve referenced SLB as the disease of the 21st century because we can literally make ourselves sick, it infects the mind in a similar way to how disease infects the body. Self limiting beliefs are, beliefs that put limitations on your divine essence, they stop you from stepping into the potential of the greatest you. They are usually pre-programmed, age 0-8 is when we form our model of the world and then serious traumas or narratives we form in young adulthood can also affect that.

We overlook it but we can also absorb family patterns of SLB. It becomes a matter of nature vs. nurture. There is both a genetic component to absorbing traumas and narratives as well those that are observed from family.

Self limiting beliefs are usually sustained through fear and resistance. We view life often times in terms of positives or negatives, luck, bad, luck, but truly its about surrender vs. resistance. Most of the bad things that we experience are not actually a result of us attracting bad but actually rejecting the good. Self limiting beliefs are a way of REJECTING good into your life.

If I had to summarize SLB in I would say that they are beliefs that limit the potential for all things including: happiness, success and relationships.

Q2: What are some practices you use to eliminate that way of being and why?

Journaling and hypnotherapy are the two things that have been highly beneficial for me in regards to tackling limiting beliefs, as well as physical exercise. In regards to journaling- I usually write a letter as if its present tense and I’m already experiencing what I want to experience. The brain can actually heal neural pathways it cannot tell the difference between what is real or not, so just by imagining i am already healed in this way I will start to grow into that. It may take 1-2 years depending on how many resistances you have but once u set the intention it will start to take hold.

Hypnotherapy- Our unconscious makes up 12% of our brain power while our subconscious makes for 88% of our brain. Hypnotherapy allows us to use the whole brain for healing. The critical mind will reject many things that try to enter based on our previous memories or experiences of them and hypnotherapy essentially goes in the backdoor. Hypnotherapy has been PIVOTAL in my growth.

Physical activity is also an incredible way of empowering ourselves. Theres a strong mind body connection so if we do things that tell us the body is strong, the mind follows. These 3 methods are the EXACT methods i used to overcome anxiety in my life. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety you might find my previous blog-post on these subjects helpful and motivational.

You can read about it here ->> Blog: I Believe You Can Heal Your Anxiety

Q3: What do you feel after/what hypnotherapy, and what differences do you note after you are able to push past those self limiting beliefs?

After doing hypnotherapy the body and mind feels VERY relaxed as if you just got a full body massage. It's an incredible experience, even if you don't have anything to heal or work on it's an incredible way to take some stress off. After I overcome a SLB my whole world expands, you feel absolutely limitless when you conquer a SLB.



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