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HEAL your somatic illness. What do I mean when I say that i am MAGIC? ✨

Literally that. Do you realize the power of your mind, your soul and your intuitive powers?

Five years ago I suffered from somatic illness. I was tired ALL of the time, my joints ached like I was 70 years old with arthritis, I was nauseous ALL the time. I took a nap every single day of high school and my early college years. I could barely get by. I was storing the pain that I lacked resources to process in my body and because of it I was making myself sick. I was also using being sick as a way to avoid true connection, and engagement in the

real world. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Does this sound like you?

I didn't know it at the time, because in my heart I felt desperate and passionate about getting better. I used to tell my doctors. "EVEN if it's all in my head, even if i'm crazy, if i'm this dedicated to being well how come I’m not."

It wasn't until I plead with my body and the universe that even if I was the one making myself sick that I was ready to release it and just be normal again, that I healed. 💖

Let me start by saying IT DOES NOT MATTER whether you are sick through pathological causes or the stressors of life.

-Sick is sick.

-Suffering is suffering.

-What you are experiencing is absolutely valid.

-You are heard, you are understood!!

-Western medicine see's things through a narrow lens. Doctors are not taught about

outliers, if it doesn't fit into the definition in their textbook, they don't usually know

how to empathize or understand. That's because doctors are taught to treat only

the disease process, not the whole person.

Ex: You have a sinus infection--> you need antibiotics.

What does this patient really need? Maybe they need an allergy test, or to test their home for mold. What does this persons life as a whole entail. Knowing this empowers you! It shows you that what you are experiencing is very real and you are not to blame, the doctor just simply does not know how to meet you where your at, and thats on them.

So what CAN you do? Start doing the emotional work. We store illness as a means to unprocessed emotions, traumas, things we are avoiding.

-You can heal your life by Louis Hay is an amazing book to start with.

-Yoga and moving meditation that helps you release stored/suppressed emotions.

-Hypnotherapy, this changed my life. I am a certified hypnotherapist and would be

honored to help you unpack and heal your life.

>>Interested in hypnotherapy, CLICK HERE<<

-Tapping into your intuition, meditating or opening the line of communication with

the universe. Asking her for help and surrendering often.

-An Anti-inflammatory diet.

Yesterday I remembered that I suffered from chronic fatigue and somatic illness for the first time in years. HOW incredible that I once could not go a single day without being affected, and I have been blessed to go years without even thinking about it to the point I COMPLETELY forgot. 🤯 I am truly blessed. Because I realized the power of my mind, my heart, and my soul. 🦋✨

And YOU CAN TOO. I promise there is light on the other side.

We are all clairvoyant if you didn't know, we have power we don't even realize. We can HEAL our body, we can SHAPE our future, we can SENSE and intuitively PREDICT destiny or the thoughts of those closest to us. It just takes tapping into that power.

How will you use your god-divine-gifted powers. You can be like me and make your life, cold, isolated, ill. OR you can make your life healed, healthy, strong, filled with love and joy. 👉🏼YOU CHOOSE.👈🏼

Have you ever suffered from somatic illness, I'd love to hear your journey, it's a hard one and I am here to support you through.



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