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Why Narratives Hurt our Progression.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

As long as we all hold on to stories that we need others to accept as true there will never be peace.

While history brings those we are like together, it keeps those we are different separate. We all have different models of the world so it is highly unlikely we will ever fully agree on a narrative because two sides can ever really understand what another has endured. Yes, we could find peace through empathy but the ultimate peace it to transcend the whys or the differences and decide today that we will live differently. None of us can speak on behalf of the past. So it’s silly that we constantly are trying to find recognition for it. Beginning new is the best way, ex: when a relationship is so damaged and we begin new it is freeing to no longer have to work with damaged goods. Just like personal growth the true key to change is the decision that we will (not a drawn out process, a one time firm decisions). Narratives never serve any good. They keep us stuck in the past. They keep us from living present and authentically they cloud our present.

BECAUSE we are all one, if we truly believe we are all connected, like universal teachings tell us, then narratives really don’t matter. We have to stop looking for proof that we are separate.



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